Make Yourselves Known: Second Quarter Begins

As a follow-up to Kara and Pam’s presentation at YearbookNV, Kara has created a?MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN?campaign for the school year. With luck, it will help you focus your energies in three areas: book sales, content gathering and recruitment. Below are links and resources you will need to carry out?MYK: Second Quarter Begins Click here for.. read more →

Yerds Never Rest!

YearbookNV may be over, but there’s no time to rest! September 2 will be here in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget: ?Cover summer. Do not miss back-to-school activities. Do not miss golf, band camp and orientation. ?Launch your book and ad sales campaigns. ?Decorate and organize the classroom. ?Host a back-to-school event for.. read more →

YearbookNV is around the corner. Will you be ready?

The more you prepare for YearbookNV (or for GYE), the better off you will be. Use the time you have with the yearbook gurus and faculty to assess your ideas and to develop new ones. If you start the workshop with a blank slate, you might not be as productive as you want to be… read more →

Leadership Resources: A Follow-Up to Bring It Day

May — and let’s face it, June, too — flew by! Eek. KP forgot to post the wrap-up notes from the Bring It Day breakout sessions. KP apologizes profusely. In addition, she’s posted PDFs of the leadership handouts you received in your black padfolio. Enjoy! Notes from Meghan’s Group Notes from Tim’s Group Notes from.. read more →

True Colors: A Follow-Up to Bring It Day

Thank you to all who attended Bring It Day. Let’s make the most of the last few weeks of school, and get started on making real changes to our product and our process in 2014. You received a number of handouts created by our favorite Tracey McNulty about editorial leadership. Below are links to True.. read more →

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Show your advisers some love! Check out Facebook for photos of these cool adviser gifts. Click on the links below for the free printables. If Advisers Were Flowers Thanks A Latte! TEA-rrific Adviser Label Straw Tags for EOY Party       read more →

May 1 is this week!

We made it to the end of April! Go us! Below is your final task list to prepare you for yearbook distribution while it’s still April. Countdown to May 1_Week of April 29 read more →

Inching Closer to May 1

Here’s the third installment of our Countdown to May 1. The more you prepare now, the better off you’ll be at the end of the year. Because face it, if you think you’re unmotivated now, wait until the end of May! 🙂 Countdown to May 1_Week of April 22. read more →

Week 2 of Our Countdown to May 1

As promised, here’s a second list of tasks designed to get you ready for Yearbook Distribution Day. In April. Countdown to May 1_Week of April 15 read more →

Design Portfolio Assignment

The books are done. D – O – N – E!!!!!! ?Woohoo! And guess what that means? We can start working on the next book!?! (This is Kara’s favorite time of year!) To get you started on your 2014 masterpiece, I suggest you begin building a design portfolio. You can do this as a class,.. read more →

Countdown to May 1 Begins

Face it, May is crazy, crazy, crazy . . . it’s testing time, supplement time, senioritis time . . . it’s a bizarre time of year. So to help you prepare, Pam and Kara have generated a weekly task list to help you and your staff get ready for distribution. In April. Here’s the list.. read more →

Time to Write Your Colophon

A colophon is the statement, placed at the end of the yearbook, recording the names of the staff and printer, book specifications, size of the edition, and other information about the production of the yearbook. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. It’s important to include a colophon in your yearbook as.. read more →

Design Your Index

Hhere are a few tips for designing your index: 1. As you are editing your index entries, remember that all proper nouns should be included. That’s all clubs, sports teams, class name, everything . . . even Harry Potter and Nikki Minaj. 2. Before you begin flowing index entries onto the pages, check your ladder… read more →

Coverage in Your Index

Now’s the time to brainstorm and to collect coverage for your index. From Thomas Jefferson HSST 2012:? This index spread is a typical example of what yearbook staffs do. Where the index letters — ie A or B — appear, there’s a candid photo and a quote from a student who hasn’t been covered yet… read more →

Crowd Source Your Yearbook

As a follow-up to the TJ editors’ presentation at last week’s fall workshop, we are posting a copy of the powerpoint.?Enjoy! Two?Points of Clarification from Erinn Harris, the adviser at TJ: 1)?To post?the non-buyers list on Facebook, I print out a PDF of the non-buyers list from eBusiness, then export the PDF as JPEGS.? From.. read more →

Take Advantage of eShare

Now that?you can customize your eShare code and keep that code forever, we encourage all of you to take advantage of this free service.?And did you know that those of you who use eDesign can transfer images directly from eShare into your eDesign library? That’s a reason to get started, right? For those new to.. read more →

Interrupting is rude. Or is it?

Yearbook staffs use spread templates and mod libraries to create a consistent look and to make the staff’s job easier. Unfortunately, the audience is often bored when spread after spread is the same spread or similar templates, page after page. To break up the visual monotony, some yearbook staff’s have started using interrupter spreads. You.. read more →

Folios are your friends.

Back in the day (as you teenagers like to say), the folio was always the same. On the left-hand page, it listed the section. On the right-hand page, it listed the spread topic. While folios are often section and spread topic, they are not limited to that. Folios are?now a place to include more coverage.. read more →

Quick Review for Theme/Concept

As promised, here is a PDF version of the beginning of the Theme/Concept lecture Kara presented at YearbookNV 2012. This PDF can serve as a checklist for the theme/concept elements you must include on your cover, spine, endsheet and title page. Why take notes when you can find the same information on the internet, right?.. read more →

Fill Out Critique Forms Now

Feedback is good, right? Most of us strive to improve our yearbooks, little by little and bit by bit, and feedback is an important part of that process. Kara and Pam suggest joining scholastic journalism organizations and getting your books critiqued. Here are three organizations to join: Columbia Scholastic Press Association =? Deadline = June.. read more →

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